My name is Richard “Tex” Coe, and I’m the owner and Chief Operating Pilot of Las Vegas’ (and probably the world’s) most extreme adventure, Sky Combat Ace. We see so many crazy things during our job flying regular people (and sometimes celebs) through the air at 250 mph that we decided we should start a blog documenting what goes on behind the scenes here. This will be the first of many more to come, so stay tuned, and enjoy:

As the city that knows no bounds, Las Vegas has everything one could ever dream of … except, of course, a place where you can re-enact a scene from “Top Gun” in a real fighter plane. That’s where we at Sky Combat Ace help. My team of fighter pilots and I have taken “high roller,” a term synonymous with Las Vegas, and made it literal — you’re doing loops, barrel rolls, hammerheads, stalls and spins high above the Strip in one of our state-of-the-art Extra 330 aircrafts. As one of a few civilian aerial combat training centers in the world, Sky Combat Ace promises a thrill of a lifetime. Guided by one of our expert aerobatic pilots, we allow you to take the controls and live out your Iceman and Maverick fantasies by engaging in world-class aerobatics and air-to-air dogfights.

You’ll battle it out 6,000 feet in the air against your favorite (or least-favorite) friends and family members in one of our 330-horsepower Extra 330LCs, giving you the thrill of an actual aerial dogfight. Chase your opponent through the Nevada skies as you aim to shoot your adversary using SCA’s special effects, and you’ll get instantaneous feedback as smoke flows from your opponent’s plane.

Not for you? Ditch the tricks and enjoy one of our sightseeing tours, like our breathtaking Las Vegas Night Lights Tour, where we fly you and someone special over the neon lights of the Strip. We provide complimentary transportation to and from the Strip for all aerobatic and sightseeing experiences, and we’ll even throw in champagne for the night-flight option.

Even with the busy schedules of the celebrities passing through Las Vegas, many have made time to get in on the ultimate adrenaline rush that is Sky Combat Ace, including UFC’s Gray Maynard, Apl.De.Ap of the Black Eyed Peas, Christopher Knight, aka “Peter Brady,” the fellas from Incubus and Chelsea Handler of E!’s Chelsea Lately Show, to name a few.

As a former Air Force F-16 fighter pilot, I’m fully aware that any aerial adventure wouldn’t be complete without the digs to talk about your flight aerobatics afterward. And seeing as we’re in Viva Las Vegas, we built a hangar unlike any other you’ve ever seen.

Sky Combat Ace’s hangar is one of the most unique venues you’ll ever visit. We host any kind of party you can imagine complete with a bar (available, of course, only post-flight), darts, pool tables, hoops, a stage, flat-screen TVs and planes — the ultimate bachelor pad or party venue. Our spot is so rad, the Killers filmed their music video in our hangar in recent weeks.

No Las Vegas experience should be complete without the ultimate Sin City thrill ride and a view from the best seat in the city high atop the Strip in one of Sky Combat Ace’s aircrafts. Hold on to whatever seat you’re reading this from and see for yourself by checking out the video of SCA’s high-flying experience: