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Sky Combat Ace was created by a U.S. Air Force veteran fighter pilot who wanted to make the thrill of flying fighter jets available to anyone who feels the need for speed.

Let one of our highly experienced instructors take you for a spin (pun intended!) or even try your hand at aerial combat–think laser tag in the sky! Don’t worry, the flight controls are interconnected, so absolutely no flight experience is necessary.

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For Anyone

All our pilots are highly trained and certified as flight instructors by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Not quite ready for unlimited aerobatics? The Recon lets you experience basic aerobatics in our Extra 330 or our Waco, an open cockpit WWI biplane, perfect for those that want to keep their thrills on the milder side. Choose from our most popular packages below or for a complete list of everything we have to offer, go to our Experiences page.

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Let us help you pick the perfect flight experience.

Do you want to perform aerial maneuvers like you would see in an airshow or perhaps you prefer to fight your friends in an aerial dogfight (think laser tag in the sky)? If you are a pilot, how about increasing your stick and rudder skills with upset recover training or a tailwheel endorsement? If you can’t decide, pick a great combo package like the Adrenaline Rush, where you try it all.


Basic maneuvers

Appropriate for the whole family, this is a great way to be introduced to the world of basic aerobatics.

$349 Per Person

Top Gun

Advanced maneuvers

Featuring both basic and advanced aerobatics, you take the controls and become your very own airshow pilot.

$699 Per Person

Sky Combat

Laser tag in the sky

Stop wondering what it’s like to be a fighter pilot and take the controls as you engage in the art of aerial dogfighting.

Starting at $999 Per Person

Adrenaline Rush

I want to try it all

Want the ultimate thrill? Take the controls and try it all, basic and advanced aerobatics, plus aerial dogfighting.

Starting at $1299 Per Person

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Great! You know what type of flying you want to do, now it is time to choose your experience. Feel free to watch our product videos for a thorough description.

  • star rating  The whole process was genuine and very high class. I love how they pamper us with the lounge and concessions. They really made us feel VIP.
    The aircrafts were clean... read more


    star rating  Flying with Sky Combat Ace was the most incredible experience! I have always wanted to feel like I’m flying a fighter jet, but this was honestly a best experience ever.... read more


    star rating  An incredible experience an a memory for ever. The people are great and the pictures even better, one less item on my bucket list. Amazing.


    star rating  One of the best activities you can do in Vegas. Very professional, very nice, on time, and gave great instruction.

  • star rating  Naturally, doing the stunts was an exciting part of the experience , but, the whole team made you feel at ease and at home . All the guys were... read more


    star rating  This was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. If someone loves to fly this should be on their bucket list.


    star rating  Favourite part is that I want to do it again. This time, maybe I'll go for the Top Gun experience.
    Lovely crew!


    star rating  An experience of a life time. My daughter and I flew to Vegas just to experience Combat Ace and it was totally worth it. I always wanted to fly like... read more

  • star rating  Awesome experience. I was unsure how much I could handle so I started slow. Now I'm comfortable to up the game on my next trip. Very nice people and i... read more


    star rating  Absolutely amazing! Best activity we did in Vegas! I couldn't have been happier with this adrenaline pumping experience. I really appreciated how professional and knowledgeable all the sky combat employees... read more


    star rating  My daughter said it was the most awesome experience ever.. She is only 14 and wants to do it again and again..


    star rating  I enjoyed it so much the 1st time, I had to come back and fly again. there is nothing you can do thats more exhilarating than flying like this. ... read more

    Buzz B
  • star rating  I bought my husband the adrenaline rush (definitely recommend for people with EXTREME tolerance to everything lol), and he had a wild time! Instructors were all incredibly nice and funny,... read more


    star rating  Sara is a fantastic pilot. Great tour of Red Rocks Canyon on a perfect Sunday morning.
    Just do this!

    THANKS Sara!!


    star rating  Our group of 7 had a blast! What an amazing experience. These guys (& gal) are extremely professional, from the pickup to the sign-in, to the flight itself. You won't... read more


    star rating  A fun time flying a fun airplane. Run by professionals, this experience is one of a kind. My instructor was Sara and she was perfect. She knew exactly when... read more


Where to Find
Sky Combat Ace Locations

Sky Combat Ace - Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

1420 Jet Stream Drive, Henderson, NV 89052
Sky Combat Ace - San Diego, California

San Diego, California

1985 N. Marshall Ave, El Cajon, CA 92020

Minden-Tahoe Airport, Nevada

1150 Airport Rd, Minden, NV 89423