About Scott "McFly" McDonald

From a very young age, Scott “McFly” McDonald was washing cropdusters and mowing runways in Michigan. While most kids were taking turns on the tractor learning to drive, McFly was playing co-pilot in warbird trainers and learning to fly. You might say that learning to fly came naturally to him. There’s something about the perspective you get when flying aerobatics that keeps him going back for more.

Since beginning flight training in 2008, McFly has earned every fixed wing rating including flight instructor and multi engine Air Transport Pilot.  In those early years, McFly taught students how to fly and accumulated over 3,500 flight hours in more than 40 different types of aircraft.  As well as being a pilot, McFly is also an airport manager and FBO owner at a small county airport in Michigan.  In recent years, he became hooked on aerobatics and began teaching unusual attitudes and tailwheel training in his Super Decathlon.  When McFly isn’t flying upside down in an Extra, he enjoys travelling around the country doing competitive aerobatics in his Super D.