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For those seeking the ultimate fighter pilot experience, this package is recommended only for seasoned adrenaline junkies. Break into "Blue Air" & "Red Air" teams for king-of-the-hill style aerial dogfighting.

Ideal for groups of 3 or more people, OPERATION RED FLAG is our newest package and is without a doubt, the most advanced air combat simulation in the world.  Customers are divided into “Blue Air” verses “Red Air” teams and go head-to-head to see who will reign supreme in the skies over Las Vegas.  The “Blue Air” team will be tasked to protect a “High Value Target” (HVT) and the the “Red Air” team will try to sneak past the “Blue Air” to put bombs on target.  As the “Blue Air” orbits in a combat air patrol (CAP) over the HVT, an air-to-air war will surely ensue as you experience what is called a “live vul time”, where the war is constantly evolving. Since you won’t know where the enemy is coming from, participants will need to scan high and low to try and detect enemy aircraft before they roll in at your six o’clock!

Participants will engage in the most challenging of missions, Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM), where there are no breaks between engagements, rather the winner stays and the loser pays in a “King of the Hill” type of scenario. Just like the Sky Combat Experience, YOU fly the plane as your instructor pilot guides you to the merge! The best part is all engagements are scored, so that the results are rank ordered to find out who is truly the Best of the Best!

After you have gotten your fill of air-to-air supremacy, try your hand at advanced aerobatics, including hammerheads, tail slides, spins and lomcevaks. The ultimate in cooperative aerial dogfighting, OPERATION RED FLAG is guaranteed to satisfy the most hardened adrenaline junkies on the planet!

* Pricing assumes 3 or more people.  Single bookings in Las Vegas must apply a $1000 surcharge to send up two additional aircraft.  For 2 bookings, a $500 surcharge will apply to send up one additional aircraft.  For San Diego and Lake Tahoe, there is $3998 surcharge for a single booking and a $1999 for 2 bookings.

Operation Red Flag (Fly)

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Starting at $1999 Per Customer

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  • 3.5 Hours Door to Door
  • Complimentary VIP Transportation
  • Longest Mission Offered
  • Fighter Pilot Briefing
  • Pull up to 8x the Force of Gravity
  • Fly with Actual Fighter Pilots
  • Gun Warm-up Exercise
  • "Red Air" vs "Blue Air"
  • Unlimited Air Combat Engagements
  • Fight Until we are Bingo Fuel
  • Two Circle, One Circle & Vertical Fights
  • Rolling Scissors
  • Scored Engagements
  • Advanced Aerobatics


Play our video and learn more about the Operation Red Flag Mission.

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The world’s most advanced certified aerobatic airplane, the Extra 330LC is certified to +/- 10g’s and guaranteed to give you the ride of a lifetime! Take the controls of this amazing machine and fulfill your fighter pilot dream.


Our pilots are some of the best in the business, hand picked from the Air Force, Navy, Marines, and NASA, as well as some of the most talented aviators from the civilian world. Rest assured, you are in good hands at SCA.


Bring your friends and family to SCA! Our facilities always feature great amenities, including lounge, music, refreshments, and fighter pilot memorabilia, as well as games such as shuffleboard, foosball, and pool.

Operation Red Flag (Fly)

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Starting at $1999 Per Customer

Book Operation Red Flag Now
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Feeling more extreme? There is NOTHING more extreme!
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