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Operation Recon

For those that might be feeling a little bit of trepidation or perhaps you just want a taste of what the Extra 330 can do, the Operation Recon is a great way to test the water.

Sky Combat Package

The Sky Combat Package is like a roller coaster without the rails, full of non-stop spins, loops, tumbles and heart-thumping action. Experience a full aerobatic airshow routine.

This is Not a Simulation

Be the pilot or a passenger. Fly a real plane in the real sky. Dogfight for real.

Trained Fighter Pilots

Pilots hand picked from the Air Force, Navy and Marines to be your guide.

Aerobatic Thrills

Fly like the movies. Better. Barrel rolls, hammerhead stalls, aelion rolls and more.

We Will Pick You Up

Complimentary transportation to and from our hangar in Las Vegas or San Diego.

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