Ever wanted to embrace your adventurous side by flying at top speeds and pulling up to 10 Gs upside down, sideways and even backwards?…In Sky Combat Ace’s Extra 330LCs you can. We use these planes by choice and design, because, well, as best stated by Ricky Bobby, “I wanna go fast!!”

What makes the planes we use better than the rest? Allow us to tell you! The Extra 330LC is a German-made aircraft that was designed lighter, faster, and more maneuverable than its competition. And for that adventurous side of yours that brought you to us in the first place, this means you can experience speeds of up to 250 mph as well as performing crazy aerobatic maneuvers like Hammerheads, Tailslides, and our favorite— Lomcevaks (Polish for “hangover”).

The design of the Extra 330LC allows us to pull speeds up to 418 km/h (or for us Americans who use the Imperial system, 253 mph) with roll rates that can be as fast as 420 degrees per second. We feel it was best described from a recent Wall Street Journalist reporter who recently flew with us when he said: “Like toy jacks, we spin on every axis; the sky and earth swapping places.”

The adrenaline-rush you get from our flights comes not just from pulling top speeds, but also from pulling Gs. The Extras in our fleet are tested to withstand up to + or – 20 Gs (this is the force of gravity pushing against your body).  Don’t worry though, we don’t pull more than + or – 10 Gs for your own safety…and ours… because most people cannot withstand more than 9 Gs without passing out. For those of you that don’t know what G-force feels like—a rollercoaster loop typically puts 4 Gs on the body, and you can recognize negative Gs as the feeling when a park ride suddenly drops.

Other aircraft owners use some of the Extra 330LCs counterparts for their aerial maneuvers. These planes (such as the Pitts S2C, Extra 300L, and Marchetti SF260) are good aerobatic planes, but they are nowhere near as advanced as our planes. These other planes can perform aerobatic tricks and maneuvers, but they are more limited regarding the type of stunts they can perform and cannot hit the same top speeds as the Extra 330LC. This means our planes allow fellow adrenaline junkies to experience crazier stunts being performed at faster speeds for the adventure of a lifetime—only at Sky Combat Ace.