About Jared "Sphinx" Hulse

Jared “Sphinx” Hulse grew up in Denver, Colorado, where he started learning to fly an airplane at the age of 15. While attending the professional flight officer program at Metropolitan State University of Denver, Sphinx got introduced to aerobatics early in his career and instantly got hooked. He viewed this style of flying as the true sport of aviation, and quickly began traveling around the country flying aerobatic competitions. During his college career, he helped found the school’s aerobatic team who compete with other collegiate teams around the nation. He currently acts as a primary coach for the team, leading them towards the perfect loop.

While Sphinx isn’t enjoying the sport of aviation, you can find him staying active playing beach volleyball with Maverick and Goose. Sphinx’s preferred date is going to a baseball game and long walks on the beach with his pet poodle, Peaches.