About Russ "Kevlar" Lane

Russ “Kevlar” Lane had his first taste of flying with his nephew on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Immediately hooked, he began flight training in earnest back home in central New Jersey. In 2012, he transitioned to tail wheel training and flying aerobatics in a Super Decathlon off a little grass air strip in New Jersey (yes, there is actually grass in NJ!). Eventually figuring out that working in corporate America wasn’t nearly as cool as flying a plane upside down, he became a commercial pilot and then a flight instructor. Kevlar served as the aerobatic instructor pilot at a local flight school before transitioning to on-demand charter flying in both turbo props and jets. While charter flying was fun, his true love of aviation brought him back to aerobatics full time.

While he will always be a Jersey Boy at heart, when his daughter moved to the West Coast, heading to Las Vegas only made sense. When not tearing up the skies around Sin City, Kevlar can be found hiking around the desert, sailing the Caribbean or on a quest to find the best beer in America.