About Richard "Juice" Nye

Rick “Juice” Nye is an Air Force Veteran and a competition aerobatic pilot, flying his Pitts S2B biplane.  After his military service, he attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where he earned a BS in Aeronautics, graduating with honors.  While living in Tampa, FL, he became hooked on flying, particularly aerobatics, after spending time in the front seat of a friend’s Extra.  In 13 months, he earned his fixed wing ratings; from private pilot through commercial, eventually becoming a certified flight instructor for single/multi-engine & instrument airplane.

While visiting Las Vegas for a friend’s wedding, curiosity led him to Sky Combat Ace. After years of flight instructing and corporate flying, he decided to pursue his passion for aerobatics full time and applied to join the team. When not flying upside down, Juice enjoys road racing and vintage Japanese sports cars—namely his beloved Datsun 240Z!