About John "FNG" Doe

Do you like the idea of flying the world’s most advanced, certified aerobatic stunt plane?  Think you have what it takes to be an SCA aerobatic instructor pilot? At Sky Combat Ace, we are always looking for motivated and talented pilots to help us grow at our various locations around the country.  The most common thing our pilots hear after flying with a customer is “Wow, you guys have the best job in the world!”   We happen to agree and if you want a chance to work at this amazing company, here’s how you do it.

First piece of advice, don’t be intimidated by our amazing pilots!  Sure, we have military test pilots, astronauts, airshow pilots and commercial airline pilots just to name a few, but we also hire pilots that are just starting their professional careers.  At SCA, we believe diversity makes us stronger, so we welcome all backgrounds and experience.  Want to know the best part?  As long as you meet our experience requirements, we will pay for your training!  This includes basic and advanced aerobatics, air-to-air dogfighting, formation and low level flying.  We also have management opportunities for qualified candidates.

So what are you waiting for?  Submit your resume to tex@skycombatace.com and include a cover letter explaining why you want to work at SCA.  Check six and good luck!