About Collin "Hitman" Crowther

Collin “Hitman” Crowther grew up loving airplanes in St. George, Utah. His grandpa Rex, a retired Air Force pilot, taught Hitman to fly before he even learned how to drive a car. Since day one, he has always been interested in aerobatics. After obtaining his commercial licenses in Arizona at age 20, he moved to Idaho to fly a King Air 200 but eventually found his aerobatic calling when he ended up back here in the desert Southwest he calls home. He now has over 10 years of flying experience and 2500+ flight hours under his belt. As a seasoned certified flight instructor, his real passion is teaching others basic and advanced aerobatics.

Although flying is an obsession to him, Hitman can also routinely be found mountain climbing, competition roller skating, and touring with his band Officer Nasty.