About Ty "Bisquit" Bagley

Aviation and flight have fascinated Ty ‘Bisquit’ Bagley from his earliest memories. As a kid, he spent many an afternoon waiting for a single airplane to takeoff or land from the nearby rural airport. After spending 25 years in Atlanta and attending college in Athens (Go Dawgs), Bisquit relocated to Colorado to play in the mountains and drink good beer.

Bisquit’s first career was in litigation as a strategy and jury consultant for lawyers and insurance companies. In 2006, Bisquit obtained his pilot certificate, however, it would be another decade before he would exit the law career and focus on aviation full time. After becoming a CFI, Bisquit went on to train as a crop duster preferring the challenge of low-level work to auto-pilot at 35,000′.

When he’s not taking people for rides in Extras, Bisquit enjoys rock climbing, camping/hiking the numerous National Forests and scuba diving.