Just launching at Sky Combat Ace: Operation Red Flag.

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate how old America is this Fourth of July than by bringing back this BAMF aviation operation done by past fighter pilots who just really love to scare the crap out of their opponents…just like us!

Known in the aviation community as “Red Flag”, it was established in 1975 as one of the initiatives directed by General Robert J. Dixon to maximize combat readiness, capability and survivability as they prepare for combat. The Red Flag maneuver has also been featured at the world-famous air show hosted by Nellis Air Force base. Participants will engage in a mission that military fighter pilots call Air Combat Maneuvering, whereby they will split off into Orange Air (friendly force) and Red Air (hostile force) and engage in a continuous aerial dogfight. Blue Air will be tasked to protect a high value target on the ground and Red Air will be tasked to destroy that target or die trying! The result is an action packed constant aerial battle whereby up to four fighters square off against each other to see who emerges as King Of The Skies.

Those who dare to give this a whirl will suit up in SCA gear, pick out their sky chariot – colored 330-horsepower aircraft in red, orange or silver, and take to the Las Vegas skies as they fight-it-out in an all-out dogfight. The best part is you get to participate with three of your closest friends (or three people you secretly envision shooting down in an airplane—now’s your chance!) to solidify the sense of camaraderie with an experience few can say they’ve done.


The Operation Red Flag experience is priced at $5,999 for three participants and $7,999 for four participants and includes:

-Aerial dogfighting experience for up to four guests

-Flight suit and call-sign patch

-2 hour non-exclusive SCA hanger rental

-Limousine transportation to and from SCA

-Refreshments before and after your flight


Got all that? Good! Cuz Operation Red Flag is now available at a Sky Combat Ace near you! (So… Vegas.)