The Best Thing To Do In Lake Tahoe

The #1 Thrill Ride in Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas, Sky Combat Ace offers a truly unique aviation experience. You’re not just a passenger on a joy ride. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush, or just a once in a lifetime experience, Sky Combat Ace is the perfect thing to do in Lake Tahoe. Tour the landscape surrounding Lake Tahoe. Experience an air show where you are the pilot. Engage your friends in a dogfight. Return home with a video of your flight, and the most exciting story your friends have ever heard!

Complimentary VIP transportation is provided; we will pick you up. When you arrive at our hangar, you’ll receive a safety and pilot briefing — then it’s off to the skies! Our highly-trained instructor pilots show you how to do a maneuver, then it’s your turn at the controls. Don’t worry, no flight experience is necessary. There is an identical set of flight controls in the back, where our expert instructors sit, so they are there to help out in the event you need it.

The Top Gun Experience is our most common package, but you can get in the air from $349! Missions include aerobatics, sky combat and dogfighting, extreme sightseeing tours of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area, and combination packages. Friends and family want to join, but don’t want an adrenaline-packed adventure? They can fly in a spectator aircraft to watch!

We are confident a flight with Sky Combat Ace will be among the most exciting and memorable things you have ever done.

Famous Faces Fly with us. Now You.

Video Overview:

See Chelsea Handler's Flight Experience