Many have asked me “What does it take to fly and perform maneuvers like a Sky Combat Ace pilot?” and the answer is very simple really— you have to have a passion for it.

When I speak of passion, I mean you have to really love what you are doing. Not the go-through-the-motions type of response many have about their respectable fields of work as in, “Yeah it is cool to do, it and lots of fun, and I can see myself doing this every day.” What I mean by “love what you are doing” is that for me, as a pilot, there is not a moment when I am sitting on the ground and not thinking about, talking about and dreaming about flying— strapping on the airplane and letting it become part of you.

When I moved to Henderson for the opportunity to fly for SCA I found a house that is right up against the airport fence so I can see every plane that takes off and lands all day every day. I have told many people who asked me why I came here to do this job, that in a nutshell, this is every pilot’s dream job. Our aerobatic maneuvers are the ultimate form of expression for what we do, and the best thing about it is that we get to show people every day from all over the world just how special it is to be able to do what we do.

We are thanked several times a day for making dreams come true for people and the smile alone on their faces is why we are Sky Combat Ace pilots. We share our passion with our customers and make the dreams of others come true, which is the greatest reward that anyone can ask for. Without the bucket-list and dare-to-live dreams of all of you, we could not do what we do— so I thank you all for coming to fly with me and allowing me to let your dreams take flight!

Denis “Smokey” Boissonneault

Sky Combat Ace – Aerobatic Instructor