About Peter "Bandito" Gillcrist

For Peter “Bandito” Gillcrist, you might say that Aviation is in his blood. His mom was the Navy’s first female aviation physiologist which means she ran all the Navy’s new pilots through their high altitude pressure chamber testing. His Dad was one of her students whose career spanned 33 years and culminated as Commander of Fighter Wing Pacific which included the TOP GUN School.

Bandito graduated from Engineering School at University of Virginia and went to work for the famed Lockheed “Skunkworks.” The Top-Secret group that created the SR-71 and the F-117 Stealth Fighter. He cut his teeth as a designer on the YF-22 prototype later known as the “Raptor.” His team developed the Canopy system which to-date hails as the biggest single piece canopy in the world. After he put his wife to work as a pilot for Southwest Airlines, Bandito started teaching competitive Aerobatics, Emergency Maneuver Training and spin training for customers such as Japan Airlines and Korean Airlines flying the Pitts S-2C. Bandito is the Chief Pilot for SCA San Diego.