Your Mission Brief

For those that might be feeling a little bit of trepidation or perhaps you just want a taste of what the Extra 330 can do, the Operation Recon is a great way to test the water.

This profile includes the same maneuvers as the Explorer, but this time you get to do them in the world’s most advanced aerobatic stunt plane, the Extra 330!  This hair-raising experience includes a safety briefing, takeoff, plus a few basic aerobatic maneuvers such as the aileron roll, loop, barrel roll, and hammerhead. After the aerobatic introduction, you will get to experience a short low level through some beautiful mountains that surround the airport before you come back for a fighter pilot style landing.

Think of the Operation Recon as a roller coaster without the rails.  Just realize that much like a roller coaster, it is over pretty quickly.  Guaranteed to whet your appetite for more, the Operation Recon will ensure your next vacation will include a stop at Sky Combat Ace.

If you want to crank it up a notch, we recommend you check out the Afterburner profile, which includes a series of advanced aerobatic maneuvers that you can only do in an unlimited aircraft like the Extra 330!

Operation Recon (Ride)

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$349 Per Customer

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  • 2 Hours Door to Door
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Safety Brief
  • Aileron Rolls
  • Loop
  • Barrell Roll
  • Hammerhead Stall
  • Brief Low Level Flight


Play our video and learn more about the Operation Recon Mission.

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The world’s most advanced certified aerobatic airplane, the Extra 330LC is certified to +/- 10g’s and guaranteed to give you the ride of a lifetime! Take the controls of this amazing machine and fulfill your fighter pilot dream.


Our pilots are some of the best in the business, hand picked from the Air Force, Navy, Marines, and NASA, as well as some of the most talented aviators from the civilian world. Rest assured, you are in good hands at SCA.


Bring your friends and family to SCA! Our facilities always feature great amenities, including lounge, music, refreshments, and fighter pilot memorabilia, as well as games such as shuffleboard, foosball, and pool.

Operation Recon (Ride)

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$349 Per Customer

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Booking Will Open A New Window
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