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Top Gun Experience

Top Gun Experience

Not for the faint of heart, the Top Gun Experience is designed for those who want to get serious about their aerobatic thrills.

Twice as long as the Afterburner, the Top Gun experience is an interactive adventure of a lifetime.  This profile includes many of the same maneuvers as an Afterburner, but this time...  YOU FLY THE PLANE!

Top Gun ExperienceThat’s right, once our highly trained instructor pilots show you how to do a maneuver, it’s your turn at the controls.  Don't worry, no flight experience is necessary. There is an identical set of flight controls in the back, where our expert instructors sit, so they are there to help out in the event you need it.

You will be amazed at what you can do in these unbelievable airplanes after a small amount of training.  Learn for yourself what it is like to fly a world class aerobatic aircraft as you pull back on the stick to execute a perfect loop. Watch the horizon spin at up to 420 degrees per second as you try out your first aileron roll.  After the aerobatics, your ride is far from over!

Feel your stomach lurch, as you dive to the deck and experience firsthand what it is like to execute a dynamic low level profile through the beautiful mountains south of Las Vegas in a simulated bomb run on a ground target.

Watch the desert fall away beneath you as you pop up for 20 degree low angle pass on a simulated SA-5 missle sight.  Feel the satisfaction, knowing that you flew a perfect wire to get bombs on target.  From there, enjoy the ride home as you come up initial and pitch out to land, having aced your very own Top Gun experience!

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Top Gun Experience

  • 3 Hours Door to Door
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Twice as Long as the Afterburner!
  • Fly With a Trained Instructor Pilot
  • Pull Up To 8x the Force of Gravity
  • Basic Aerobatics:
    (Loops / Rolls / Stalls / Hammerheads)
  • Advanced Aerobatics (Extra 330):
    (Spins / Snap Rolls / Tumbling)
  • Dynamic Low-Level Bombing Run
  • SCA Heritage Museum Access

$599 per person