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Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush

If you want to experience the most amazing, butt kicking, extreme adventure of a lifetime, then look no further then our Adrenaline Rush package! The Adrenaline Rush combines the best elements from all the other packages, including intense Sky Combat air-to-air dogfighting and world class aerobatics from the Top Gun experience. This is not a simulation.  You are flying real high performance airplanes with real fighter pilots.


That’s right, YOU are at the controls as YOU execute the air-to-air combat tactics that have been developed from the earliest days of the Red Baron.  Don't worry, you don't need any flight experience, just a need for speed!  Under the supervision of one of our expert combat fighter pilots, we teach you the art of basic fighter maneuvers, which will enable you to outmaneuver your opponent and get the kill.

Adrenaline Rush
This is the ultimate competitive challenge! Bring a friend or fly against one of our instructors. Once you hit the merge, it’s Fight’s On in our amazing 330 horsepower Extra 330LC’s, which will give you every thrill of an actual aerial dogfight, including the satisfaction of scoring a direct hit with our optical targeting system and watching smoke come out of your opponent’s aircraft.

Once you are done dogfighting, it's time for the aerobatics! These aircraft feature the latest in aerodynamic technology and you will be hanging on for dear life as your instructor demonstrates how to execute loops, rolls, cuban 8's, hammerheads and if you fly the Extra 330; tail slides, spins and a Lomcevak (tumble).

We cap it all off with a dynamic low level through the beautiful mountains and valleys surrounding Las Vegas, culminating in an element surface attack mission against a SA-5 simulated ground target. This package includes the best of our aerobatic and aerial dogfighting packages and is perfect for those who want to try it all.  Aptly named, come experience the Adrenaline Rush for yourself!

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Adrenaline Rush

  • 3 Hours Door to Door
  • Complimentary VIP Transportation
  • Fighter Pilot Briefing
  • Pull Up to 8x the Force of Gravity
  • Fly with Actual Fighter Pilots
  • Gun Warm-up Exercise
  • Up to 5 Air Combat Engagements
  • Dynamic Low-Level Bombing Run
  • SCA Heritage Museum Access


$1,499 per person*
(1 Passenger)


$999 per person--Save $500!
(2 Passengers)

*Rate for single booking, where SCA provides opponent.  If customer books 2 or more, then cost per person drops to $1,299.